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Combine many merged presentations into one

Suppose you have a situation where you've got a multi-slide template presentation that you want to merge data into, but there are multiple data sets.

For example, your template might contain:

:CompanyName: on Slide 1
:CompanyData: on Slide 2

The data file might look like:


You want to end up with:

CompanyA on Slide 1
DataA on Slide 2
CompanyB on Slide 3
DataB on Slide 4
CompanyC on Slide 5
DataC on Slide 6

Merge won't do this directly but if you merge your data and template together, you'll get three presentations, 1.PPT, 2.PPT and 3.PPT

Copy them all into a single folder by themselves then run the following macro, which will open the first presentation then insert the slides from each of the subsequent presentations into it, giving you one combined presentation with all of the data.

Sub CombineSlides()
' After doing the merge, open presentation #1
' Then run this code:

    Dim sPath As String
    Dim cFileNames As New Collection
    Dim sTemp As String
    Dim x As Long

    sPath = CurDir  ' by default
    If Right$(sPath, 1) <> "\" Then sPath = sPath & "\"

    sPath = InputBox("Path to PPT files (ex: c:\my documents\", _
        "Where are the files?", sPath)
    If sPath = "" Then
        Exit Sub
    End If

    sTemp = Dir(sPath & "*.ppt")
    While sTemp <> ""
        With cFileNames
            .Add (sPath & sTemp)
        End With
        sTemp = Dir

    If cFileNames.Count > 1 Then
        ' open the first file
        Presentations.Open (cFileNames(1))

        ' Insert the other files
        For x = 2 To cFileNames.Count
            Call ActivePresentation.Slides.InsertFromFile( _
                cFileNames(x), _
    End If

End Sub
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