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Using Merge for language instruction

Suppose you have a list of words you'd like your students to learn and want to introduce them in a PowerPoint presentation.

For example, you'd like a series of slides like:

In English, we say: [the word in English]
In French, we say: [the word in French]

We've created a simple set of examples for you to try in, an 18kb ZIP file that contains:

Suggestion: right-click the link above and use your brower's Save target (or similar) command to save the file to a convenient location on your computer. Then use WinZIP or some other utility to open it. If you have WIndows XP, it should open automatically when you double-click the saved file.

Open LanguageExample and follow the instructions on the comment included in it.

But wait - Momentito! - Chotto matte kudasai! - there's more

You might even want to add more languages. Our example shows English, French and Spanish, all merged into one set of slides. You could remove any of them if you like. Or add Japanese (we've given some examples in the data file but deliberately left them out of the template so you can practice.) Or add another language to the template and data file if you like. Couldn't be simpler.

Merging text is just a starting point. Have a look at the instructions here on the site to learn how you can merge pictures or even sounds into your slides. Imagine being able to click on a button and hear a native speaker pronounce the words your students are learning. You supply the native speaker and the sound files, Merge can handle the rest automatically.

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