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I want more than one record per slide/presentation

Suppose you have a data file with Name and Title of each person but you want to create slides with two names/titles per slide rather than just one.

With a little extra work on the data file and the main PPT file you can do this. Assuming your data file looks like this:

:Name:     Title:
names     titles

you'd change it to:

:Name1:     :Title1:     :Name2:     :Title2:

And add the names and titles below as appropriate.

But what if you've already got your data file done? Copying and pasting all those names from two columns into four is tedious and error-prone.

By adding a couple of simple formulas and doing some sorting, you can make this a fairly simple process.

Download this example file (N_Records_Per_Page.xls) (right click the link and choose Save Target As, then save it to your desktop)

Follow the steps in the example file to sort and arrange your own data into as many columns as needed.

Then in your template file, you'd use :Name1:, :Name2:, :Title1:, :Title2: and so on instead of just :Name: and Merge - Merge your data and PowerPoint Presentations where you want the data to appear.

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