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Preserve animations when merging pictures

When Merge merges pictures into shapes, it adds the picture to the slide, resizes and repositions the picture so it's as large as possible within the area of the shape (but not distorted), then it deletes the original shape.

That leaves you with a perfectly sized/proportioned picture, but if the original shape had animations, the animations were lost when the shape was deleted.

There's another approach that solves this problem.

After adding your "placeholder" shape and adding the "PIC:xxx" text that tells Merge to merge picture xxx into it, give the shape a picture fill. It doesn't matter what picture you choose, so long as you fill the shape with some picture or other.

When Merge sees that the shape has a picture fill, it will change the fill to the picture you're merging, then change the shape to fit the picture (so that the picture isn't distorted).

Merge won't delete the shape. Your animations are preserved. Beauty.

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