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Merge system requirements

Merging pictures from the web / URLs, preserving animations

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Merging charts and tables from Excel

You can merge entire charts and tables from Excel into your PowerPoint presentations with Merge

It's a bit complex to set up, but may be very useful to some of our customers.

Rather than explain it in detail here, we've included a set of example files and instructions in a file called CHARTMERGE.ZIP that's installed in the same folder as Merge.

To locate the folder, click the Help button ( the one with a ? icon ) on the Merge toolbar.

That opens the Merge Help/About dialog box.

At the bottom left of the box, you'll find the full path to the Merge installation folder.

The path text is actually a link; click it to open the folder where Merge is installed.

Several settings in the [PPTMerge] section of PPTools.INI give you some control over exactly what gets copied
if you use the PXL method to copy a RANGE:

; Control how PXL range merges are handled by Excel
; Excel can copy ranges formatted for picture or screen
; The meaning of this is rather vague, but changing the value can
; help prevent crashes; if one doesn't work, try the other:
; xlScreen (1) or xlPrinter (2)
; xlPrinter is the default
; Excel can copy a picture or a bitmap
; Again, the documentation from MS is vague, but this setting is available
; here in case you want to alter it for some reason:
; xlPicture (-4147) or xlBitmap (2) 
; xlPicture is the default
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