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Optimizer Updates and Revision History

PPTools Optimizer is discontinued

As of November 1, 2011, PPTools discontinued the PPTools Optimizer add-in for PowerPoint.

Please see the Optimizer home page for more information and other options.

The Optimizer site and the All About Optimizer pages will remain here to assist our existing Optimizer customers.

Optimizer Updates

Optimizer is a work in progress. We're constantly improving it and adding new features. This Revision History lists the changes we've made lately.

You can always update your current copy of Optimizer to the most recent version at no charge.

To update, visit the Downloads page, follow the instructions there to download and install the latest version. That will update Optimizer automatically. You do not need to uninstall Optimizer first or re-enter any registration information. Just run the installer and you're updated, whether you have a demo or fully registered version.

Revisions are listed by date, most recent changes first.

Revisions that affect all PPTools add-ins

August 2010

The Help dialog now has an "Edit PPTools.INI" button you can click to launch PPTools.INI in Notepad. No more chasing all over your hard drive to find the silly thing when you need to edit it.

There's also a bit of text at the bottom of the Help dialog box that tells you where your PPTools add-ins are installed. If you click the text, it opens the folder in Windows Explorer.

March 2010 August 2011 Changes to HTML round-tripping in all add-ins that support it (PPT2HTML, Protect, ImageExporter, StarterSet etc.)

Optimizer Revision Log

28 Dec 2009
Users can now add "custom" optimization target resolutions by editing the OptForValOverride= value in [Optimizer].

For example to optimize for a value of 1900, set it to:

20 Feb 2006

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