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What does Optimizer do for me?

PPTools Optimizer is discontinued

As of November 1, 2011, PPTools discontinued the PPTools Optimizer add-in for PowerPoint.

Please see the Optimizer home page for more information and other options.

The Optimizer site and the All About Optimizer pages will remain here to assist our existing Optimizer customers.

Cut monster PowerPoint presentations down to size

Chop those huge PPT files down to reasonable size without sacrificing quality. PPTools Optimizer creates copies of your presentation that are perfectly sized for your specific needs, like:

PPTools Optimizer removes the "dead weight" from your presentations. It cuts high resolution images down to size, converts space-hogging pasted graphics and data to PowerPoint-native images and more.

OK. Smaller is better. But what else does it do for me?

How about security?

This may come as a shock, but when you copy and paste even a single cell from a spreadsheet into PowerPoint, the entire spreadsheet file is embedded in your PowerPoint file. Anyone who opens the presentation can easily extract the spreadsheet you started with.

The whole thing. Have a look at Extracting Excel content from PowerPoint if you don't believe us.

But one of Optimizer's handy options is to dispose of the data in the charts and spreadsheets embedded in your presentation, leaving only a picture. What you see is what they get. And no more.

Your data's still safe in your Excel files on your computer and in the original PowerPoint presentation, but it's no longer in the Optimized version that you distribute.

Does it always do all this stuff?

That's up to you! Depending on the options you choose, it does any or all of the following:

The choice is yours.

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