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PPTools Optimizer is discontinued

As of November 1, 2011, PPTools discontinued the PPTools Optimizer add-in for PowerPoint.

Please see the Optimizer home page for more information and other options.

The Optimizer site and the All About Optimizer pages will remain here to assist our existing Optimizer customers.

Free Optimizer demo

You can try out a fully functional version of Optimizer before you decide to purchase it. Visit our Download page to get your free Optimizer demo.

The Optimizer demo works exactly like the regular version, but it puts a "DEMO" stamp on each image it optimizes.

Since Optimizer always works on a copy of your presentation, your original PowerPoint file will not be altered in any way.

If you've already tried Optimizer and know it's right for you, you can purchase it here.

Set it up

Before you use Optimizer, you'll want to customize it to suit your needs. You do this using its Preferences dialog box. To access Optimizer preferences, click the Preferences icon on the Optimizer toolbar. It looks like this:

Or from the main menu, choose PPTools, Optimizer, Preferences. Either way, you'll see this dialog box:

The Optimizer Preferences dialog box

Optimize: Choose whether or not to optimize various types of graphics and other presentation content.

Convert to:When you choose to optimize pictures and OLE objects, you can pick the graphics format Optimizer will convert them to, JPG, GIF or PNG.

What's the best format? That depends on the content of your presentation:

Optimize for: This is where you tell Optimizer how you intend to use your presentation. In other words, how aggressively you want it to shrink the images in it.

Here's what the various options do and why you'd use them:

The further down the list, the higher the resolution, the higher the image quality and the larger the Optimized PPT file will be.

Hint: When in doubt, set it at 1024x768 and forget it.

Export to/Import from: The folder where you want Optimizer to store its intermediate files.

AutoCleanupShould Optimizer automatically delete its intermediate files or not. Usually you'll want to leave this checkmarked. Occasionally it's handy to be able to check the intermediate files for troubleshooting and other purposes. Click Clean Up Now to delete all intermediate files immediately.

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