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FixLinks Updates and Revision History

FixLinks Updates

FixLinks is a work in progress. We're constantly improving it and adding new features. This Revision History lists the changes we've made lately.

You can always update your current copy of FixLinks to the most recent version at no charge.

To update, visit the Downloads page, follow the instructions there to download and install the latest version. That will update FixLinks automatically. You do not need to uninstall FixLinks first or re-enter any registration information. Just run the installer and you're updated, whether you have a demo or fully registered version.

Revisions are listed by date, most recent changes first.

Revisions that affect all PPTools add-ins

August 2010

The Help dialog now has an "Edit PPTools.INI" button you can click to launch PPTools.INI in Notepad. No more chasing all over your hard drive to find the silly thing when you need to edit it.

There's also a bit of text at the bottom of the Help dialog box that tells you where your PPTools add-ins are installed. If you click the text, it opens the folder in Windows Explorer.

March 2010 August 2011 Changes to HTML round-tripping in all add-ins that support it (PPT2HTML, Protect, ImageExporter, StarterSet etc.)

FixLinks Revision Log

November, 2012
Fixed: Due to PowerPoint bug in tables, FixLinks would sometimes fail to complete.

New: FixLinks now processes batches of files. You can now choose to run it on:

If you never want to see the final report that FixLinks offers after it finishes with a file, add:


immediately after the [FixLinks_Pro] line in PPTools.INI

June, 2012
FixLinks now creates a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file in the same folder as the PPT itself as part of the links report. You may prefer the format of this report to that of the usual text file links report; you can doubleclick the CSV to open it in Excel.
If you don't wish to create the CSV, you can disable it by adding:


just beneath the [Fixlinks_Pro] line in PPTools.INI

December, 2011
When converting pictures from linked to embedded, FixLinks now preserves crop, rotation, brightness and contrast adjustments

October, 2011
Improved accuracy of Links Report, specifically, link storage amounts:
- Now accounts for storage used by Built-in and Custom document properties
- Now accounts for the fact that PPT uses Unicode strings (which use more storage than we were accounting for previously)

Title of Locate Linked File dialog box now shows original path of file it's asking for.

June, 2011
Links report and relink report now give slide index rather than slide name (which was fairly useless)

Links report now distinguishes between embedded sounds and null/bad movie links, other media objects (?)

14 January, 2011
Improved the way FixLinks collects hyperlinks and action settings; it's now faster, more reliable and works with all masters and layouts in PowerPoint 2007 and later.

15 December, 2010
Added dialog box asking user for permission to rename linked files to remove spaces with link to "more help" web page.
Added more logging points to see why it's unable to relink files in some cases; will help us solve problems more easily.
Added test when creating alternate link target folders to ensure that folders are created and writeable.

28 June, 2010
We discovered a bug in PowerPoint 2007 that affects linked images and have provided a fix for the problem in FixLinks.
See Why replace spaces with underscores? for a detailed explanation of the new feature and the reasons for it.

16 Dec, 2009
Fixed bug that caused errors when relinking Excel files when the link path didn't include a "!" character.

15 Jan 2009
The free demo now repairs the first five links of any type in a presentation.
It still repairs all image links in a presentation.

We've fixed a few bugs in the GoTo tool and improved its dialog box.
The GoTo tool is also now modeless in PowerPoint 2000 and up. This means that you can leave it on screen while you do other things if you wish.

28 Aug 2008
Fixed: now copies OLE linked excel files to target dir 1 time only rather than once per link
Improved the HTML round-trip feature (Ctrl+Click the Help button)

21 Apr 2006
MediaPath, ImagePath et al in PPTools.INI now allow you to include a %f, which'll be replaced by the name of the current PPT file. This is useful if you need to create relative directories that use the PPT file's name for your linked files.

4 Apr 2006
Updated About dialog and registration dialogs - now uses registration procedure that's consistent with other PPTools add-ins

20 Feb 2006
Improved search for links in placeholders
Fixed a bug that caused file sizes to increase after links report
Added progress indicator

17 Jan 2006
Fixed several problems with links that include a ! character in path (ie, links to Excel sheets)

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