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THOR - The Hammer

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About PPTools

THOR is a PowerPoint add-in that can memorize the size and position of any shape on a slide (or the size of the slide itself), then later "hammer" any other selected shape (or shapes) to the same size and position

For example, imagine that you've placed a logo on one slide and want to add the same or different logos to other slides. You want all of them sized and positioned identically so they don't appear to jump around when you transition from slide to slide.

If you've ever had to do this before, you already know that PowerPoint's not going to give you much help.

THOR to the rescue!

Now you can select a shape, use THOR to memorize its size and position, then apply the same size/position to any other selected shape(s) in your presentation with just one click on THOR's Hammer button.

For years, the free PPTools StarterSet add-in has included a Pick Up and Place Exactly tool that everybody called "The Hammer" because the main button had a hammer icon.

We've had a lot of requests for a standalone version of The Hammer that would:

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you THOR!

THOR ... you know, THOR? ... the Norse dude with the hammer? ... meets all of those requirements. For those of you who're used to using the hammer tool in StarterSet, THOR works exactly the same. And it's free!

THOR works in Windows PowerPoint 2007 and up, in both 32- and 64-bit versions of Office.

THOR does NOT work in Mac versions of PowerPoint.

Download and install THOR

Once the installation finishes, start PowerPoint. You'll see a new PPTools tab on your PowerPoint ribbon. At the left side of the tab, there'll be a THOR group with several icons:

What does each button do? Here's a quick summary. See below for a detailed explanation of each.

How to use THOR

Once you've set up THOR the way you want it, you'll use it like so:

That's really about all there is to it. Of course, the result will depend on the options you've chosen, and there are a few little tips and tricks that might come in handy.

We'll get to those later, but first, basic THOR setup.

How to set up THOR

Start by setting up THOR to work the way you want it to work. You'll do this in the THOR Options dialog box. Click Options to open it.

SUGGESTION: The settings should match the screenshot above to begin with. If not, change them accordingly. That way, THOR will work the way most people want it to, most of the time. Later, you'll probably want to put a checkmark next to Quiet mode. We'll explain why shortly.

Here's what each of the settings does:

The About PPTools THOR dialog box

THOR Options and how they affect THOR's behavior

When you click Memorize, THOR records the size and position of the currently selected shape. If nothing is selected, THOR records the size of the current slide. The way it "hammers" other shapes into this "window" depends on your Options settings.

There's an extensive illustrated example of how each of the options settings works in the THOR Help file included with THOR or separately downloadable here.

THOR Tips and Tricks

Here are a few little tips and tricks that may not be immediately obvious.

Customize THOR's buttons onto other parts of the ribbon

You can customize THOR's buttons onto other ribbon tabs or even onto the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) so they're available all the time; no need keep popping back to the PPTools tab each time you want to whack something with The Hammer.

You don't need to re-memorize after changing THOR's options

In the examples above, we only memorized the size/position of the gray Memorized Shape rectangle once, then changed THOR Options repeatedly to demonstrate how each of the settings affects THOR's behavior.

[He's lying!] Busted! OK, for the last two examples, we memorized the slide's size before using THOR to demonstrate how you can fill a slide with an image or shape. A bit more about that ...

Make it fill the slide

When you import images, they seldom fill the slide, but THOR can fit images (or any other shape) to the full slide in one click. Here's how:

Make a series of images the same size

Sometimes when you insert a series of images into PowerPoint, they come in at inconsistent sizes. No worries, THOR's Hammer will beat them into shape.

Get the idea? Fast, simple and dead accurate.

Where is it?

Need to know a shape's coordinates quickly? Uncheck Quiet mode in THOR's Options dialog box, select the shape then click Memorize. THOR displays the shape's position and size coordinates (in points, PowerPoint's native units; 72 points to the inch).

If you need to use these same coordinates elsewhere, enter the number followed by "pt" to let PowerPoint know you want to use points as the unit of measure. PowerPoint will translate the number you enter to inches or cm, depending on your language settings.

Working with more than one shape

THOR can only memorize the size/position of one shape. If you select more than one shape before clicking Memorize, you'll see this:

If you need to memorize the overall size/position of several selected shapes, group them, click Memorize, then ungroup them again.

On the other hand, THOR can apply a memorized size/position to more than one shape. If you select several shapes then click the hammer, each shape will be resized and moved to the memorized position.

How to uninstall THOR

If you simply want to disable THOR temporarily:

If you Unload THOR, you'll be able to re-load it by visiting this same dialog again. If you Remove THOR, you'll need to re-install it. The simplest way to do this is by re-running the THOR_Setup.MSI file you downloaded to install THOR.

If you want to remove THOR completely from your computer:

About PPTools

THOR is just one of the many PPTools add-ins for PowerPoint

Add-ins are small programs that attach themselves to PowerPoint and enhance it in various useful ways.

PPTools add-ins make you more productive with PowerPoint. With PPTools, you can do more with PowerPoint and do it faster and more efficiently than you ever dreamed possible.

There are PPTools add-ins that:

Visit our Products page to learn more about each of the PPTools add-ins.

All PPTools add-ins have free, fully functional demo versions you can download and install to test with before purchasing.

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