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PPTools Narrator

PPTools Narrator is an add-in that helps you to produce narrated PowerPoint presentations with high-quality sound.

Instead of using PPT's own sometimes-troublesome Record Narration feature, you use better, more flexible dedicated sound recording software like Audacity to record the narration for your presentation.

Once you've recorded your narration files, Narrator automatically adds them to your presentation, each on the correct slide. It sets the narration to play automatically and sets the slide to advance after the narration ends.

Narrator benefits

You could, of course, do all of this manually, but it would be quite error-prone, and would take dozens of mouse-clicks per slide. Narrator saves you all that trouble and ...

How does it work?

Take a moment to download and read the Narrator Help file (PDF format) to learn more about how it works and how you'll use it to save hours of time. The Narrator Help file is also included in the Narrator download (see below).


The current version of Narrator is a demonstration version that only adds sounds to a limited number of slides. Eventually it will be a commercial product but for now, it's in test mode. Try it and if it works for you, get in touch with us (use the CONTACT link on the left side of each page on this site) and let us know that you'd like an unrestricted copy of Narrator. We'll work with you.

Install Narrator

Narrator is compatible with PowerPoint 2010 and later, in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It's NOT compatible with earlier versions of PowerPoint.

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