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PPTools Licensing Terms and Privacy Policy

PPTools Product License Terms

You can download a copy of the PPTools Product License here.

PPTools Privacy Policy

Visitors to our site

If you are a PPTools customer or visitor to one of our sites (,,,, etc.), we want you to know that:

Links and advertisments on our sites

Some pages on our sites include links to other sites. Some of our pages include advertisements that link to other sites. These sites are not under our control and have their own privacy standards. We're not responsible for their operations.

Our customers

When you purchase our software online, the secure transaction is handled by another company called Share-It/MyCommerce, a subsidiary of Digital River. They collect and store information needed to complete the transaction. You can read their privacy statement here.

PPTools add-ins

PPTools add-ins store configuration information and data about the state of the add-in. This information is stored on the user's PC and is not transmitted elsewhere UNLESS the user generates a diagnostic report and chooses to email it to us. In that case, the user will have the opportunity to review and if desired, edit the text of the report before emailing it. We do not share the contents of the report with anyone without the user's permission.

Files users send to us for troubleshooting

We may request example files from users to aid us in troubleshooting software issues. We retain these files only until the issue has been solved and do not share the files with anyone without the user's permission.


We may occasionally send email notifications of updates or bug fixes to our customers. We value your time, your privacy and most of all your trust. We will not waste your time with frivolous email. We will not share your email address with anyone else.

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