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PPTools PPT Merge -- Mailmerge for PowerPoint

If you're trying out Merge for the first time and it's not quite working, have a look at this short video that explains the basics of setting up your PowerPoint and Excel files to merge text and pictures.

View a Merge How-To video tutorial created by Webucator's customized instructor-led training services.

What is Merge

The PPTools Merge add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint merges data from Excel XLS files, Tab Delimited or Comma Separated Value (CSV) files into the text boxes, pictures, notes and hyperlinks of individual slides or whole presentations.

What does it merge?

What can PPT Merge merge into your PowerPoint presentations?

What can you do with PPT Merge?

Our customers use Merge to create ...

How do you use Merge?

Do you have a unique or interesting use for Merge? We'd love to hear about it (and maybe mention it here).

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