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Get correct HTML from accented/special characters

Normally, when PPT2HTML exports text to HTML, it simply outputs the text as it appears in your presentations.

This can sometimes cause problems when you use certain punctuation and other symbols, or if your text is in a language other than English and uses accented characters.

PPT2HTML can map most standard English keyboard characters to the equivalent HTML "entity" automatically. For example, it can convert the ampersand character, &, to &

To turn on "entity mapping", edit your PPTools.INI file to add the following line to the [PPT2HTML] section:


When you do this, PPT2HTML uses a built-in table to convert accented and other characters in your presentation's text into standard HTML entities ( ie, an E with acute accent would become É )

Depending on the language you use (or if you use multiple languages), the built in table may not be adequate. In that case you can build your own table.

To force PPT2HTML to use your custom mapping table, add this line to the [PPT2HTML] section of PPTools.INI


You might use as the filename, for example.

PPT2HTML looks for this file in your PPTools folder, so make sure you save it there.

Create the "map" file in Notepad or any other ascii editor. It should look like this example:


There should be one line for each character you'd like PPT2HTML to replace with an HTML entity equivalent.

The character you want to replace should be on the left of the = sign and the HTML entity you want to replace it with should be on the right.

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