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Add keyboard shortcuts to your HTML

Keyboard shortcuts or Access Keys can make your pages easier to use. Some visitors may prefer keyboard navigation to using a mouse; others may not be able to use mouse effectively and must rely on other navigation methods.

Have a look at this example HTML:

<A accesskey="P" href="">
Press Alt+P then Enter to go to the PPT2HTML Main FAQ Page</A>

When you add code like this to your web pages, visitors can press Alt+P (or Command+P if on Mac) and most browsers will act as though they clicked the link, or tabbed to the link to highlight it. In the latter case, they'd have to press Enter to activate the link. Exact results depend on the specific browser.

Don't use the keys already used by the browser for menu shortcuts etc!

Here's that same link again, only live this time:

Press Alt+M then Enter to go to the Main PPT2HTML page

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