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Javascript for slide transition effects

You can control how pages first display with the following code. This won't necessarily work in all browsers and probably won't work at all in pre-version 4 browsers.

For a nice dissolve effect, include this in the <HEAD> section of your template:

<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="blendTrans(Duration=4.0)">

Change the Duration= value to get slower or faster dissolves.

You can get other PowerPoint-like effects by using this:

<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="RevealTrans(Duration=4,Transition=0)">

As above, change Duration= to slow down/speed up the effect. Here's a table of the numbers and the effects they produce. As far as we're aware, it's complete as of MSIE 4. MSIE5 and later may add other transitions.

PPT Effect MSIE Transition # MSIE Effect
None 0 Box in
Box in 0 Box in
Box out 1 Box out
No PPT equiv. 2 Circle in
No PPT equiv. 3 Circle out
Wipe up 4 Wipe up
Wipe down 5 Wipe down
Wipe right 6 Wipe right
Wipe left 7 Wipe left
Vertical blindss 8 Vertical blinds
Horizontal blinds 9 Horizontal blinds
Checkerboard across 10 Checkerboard across
Checkerboard down 11 Checkerboard down
  12 Random dissolve
Split vertical in 13 Split vertical in
Split vertical out 14 Split vertical out
Split horizontal in 15 Split horizontal in
Split horizontal out 16 Split horizontal out
Strips left down 17 Strips left down
Strips left up 18 Strips left up
Strips right down 19 Strips right down
Strips right up 20 Strips right up
Random bars horizontal 21 Random bars horizontal
Random bars vertical 22 Random bars vertical
Random 23 Random
Cover up 4 Wipe up
Cover down 5 Wipe down
Cover right 6 Wipe right
Cover left 7 Wipe left
Other transitions 0 Box in (subject to revision)
Using the examples above, every html "slide" in your converted presentation will have the same transition effect. If you'd rather have the effects you've assigned to each slide in your presentation, use :Slide.TransitionEffect.MSIENumber: in your template. This will cause PPT2HTML to generate the number of the MSIE effect that most closely matches the native PPT transition effect. For example:
<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" CONTENT="RevealTrans(Duration=2,Transition=:Slide.TransitionEffect.MSIENumber:)">
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