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User-settable link paths to externally linked files

You can set the the path where each individual file type will be linked to.

For example, if you want PPT2HTML to assume that all PDFs are in the root directory, TXT files are in \Documentation\Textfiles and Word .DOC files are in the same folder as the HTML files that PPT2HTML generates, you can do it.

By default, PPT2HTML strips the path off all linked files and gives you a link to just the filename plus extension. For example, a link to C:\WordFiles\MyFile.DOC becomes a link to MyFile.DOC in the HTML.

This is reasonable, because PPT2HTML has no idea where the final HTML files will land or what the directory structure will be like there. It can only assume that you'll put all of the HTML, image and linked files into one folder on the web server, so it sets the links accordingly. And everything works.

But while PPT2HTML may know nothing about your intended directory structure, YOU do, and you may have very different ideas about how you want this all to work.

So PPT2HTML lets you set things up so that the links for any specific file extension are:

And you can set a default link path so links to files files with an extension that's NOT specifically treated as above are:

Here's how you control this:

Open PPTools.INI and directly under the line: [PPT2HTML] add the entries below (copy and paste is a good idea):

; generic path for all links, unless overridden specifically
;*Link=    - ie, blank or no *Link= entry at all - same as default behavior
;*Link=* - to leave all links as is
;*Link=c:\some\specific\path - to set the links to a specific path
;*Link=OtherFiles\	- to set the links to the OtherFiles folder under your HTML folder or
;*Link=\OtherFiles\ - to set them to the \OtherFiles folder on the ROOT of the current drive
; Overrides for specific extensions: 
; EXTLink= whatever.  PDFLink, PPTLink, DOCLink, XLSLink and so on.
;PDFLink=  bland or no entry, same as default behavior
;PDFLink=*		- leave the link as is
;PDFLink=\PDFs	- link to the root drive\PDFs\ folder
;PDFLink=PDFs		- link to the \PDFs folder off HTML folder

Most of these are comments; remove the ; and edit according to your needs to make the settings "live".

For example:

; generic links
; Overrides for specific extensions: 

This would set most links to the OtherFiles folder relative to and beneath the folder where your HTML is stored, but PDFs would be linked to the PDFs folder, Excel files to the XLSs folder and so on (all relative to the HTML folder)

But suppose you have a link from EACH of your PPTs to the same set of PDF and DOC files. You could use the setup above and upload the PDFs and DOCs to each folder where you store a completed set of HTML files made from your PPTs, but that'd be time consuming and wasteful of space and bandwidth.

Instead, use something like this:

; generic links
; Overrides for specific extensions: 

That will create links that the system or browser will look for in the \Files\PDFs or \Files\DOCs folder off the ROOT drive of whatever file system your HTML files are on. In other words, if you test on your C:\ drive, the links will be set up so they point to C:\Files\DOCs and so forth. If you move these same files to a network drive on \\Server\Share\Your\HTML\Files\ the links will point to \\Server\Share\Files\DOCs etc.

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