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Batch Search and Replace

PPT2HTML can automatically do simple search and replace on each HTML file it generates.

To activate this feature, add this line to the [PPT2HTML] section of PPTools.ini:

SRFile=c:\program files\rnr\pptoolsv2\somefile.txt

That is: SRFile=full path to the file that contains your search/replace strings

The file itself should be plain ascii text (ie, created in Notepad or the like).
It should be a series of lines with the text to be searched for on the left of an equals sign, the text to replace it with on the right side.


PPT2HTML performs each of these replacements on the HTML it creates from each of your slides.
This feature only works in PowerPoint 2000 and up; it's disabled in PowerPoint 97.

As with any search and replace, you have to be a bit cautious about what you ask for. If you include this:


the search/replace will turn "men and women" into "women and wowomen" (it sees the 'men' part of 'women' and replaces it as well).

In some cases you can work around this with an S&R file that includes something like this:



Suppose you need to replace a phrase that contains an equals sign with something else. Use %eq to represent the equals sign in the string you're searching for.

This%eqThat=Replace it with this

On the right side of the equation, use %quot to represent a quotation mark, %crlf to represent a carriage return/line feed pair, %cr and %lf to represent carriage return and line feed respectively.

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