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Customizing link formatting

Rather than "hard-coding" the HTML it creates for each link, PPT2HTML lets you customize the way the link works.

It starts with a "template" link that looks like this:

 <area %shape% coords="%coords%" href="%href%" title="%title%" alt="%alt%">

and substitutes appropriate values for each of the "replacement parameters" (the bits of text surrounded by % characters).

%shape% becomes shape="rect"
%coords% becomes the rectangle coordinates
%href% becomes the URL of the link or the path to a linked file
%target% becomes "_blank" or other value, depending on your settings
%title% and %alt% become the ALT text for the shape

If you wish, you can override the default "template" for the image map by adding a line to the PPTools.INI file

Look for the [PPT2HTML] section of the file. Add a new line directly below it and copy/paste this:

AreaRefBody=<area %shape% %coords% %href% %target% %alt% %title%">

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