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Multiple sets of styles

Does everyone have to buy ShapeStyles to use styles?

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Can I share my styles with others?

You bet.

ShapeStyles is all about saving you time and effort. Once you've spent hours developing a great set of styles for your company presentations, you'll want to share them with your co-workers so they can

Sharing's easy

As long as each user has a licensed copy of ShapeStyles or ShapeStyles Lite, it's a piece of cake!

That's it.

Bear in mind that any user with a copy of ShapeStyles can also modify your styles. If you want to avoid this, set your style "consumers" with ShapeStyles Lite instead of ShapeStyles

ShapeStyles Lite can apply but not edit styles, so it's perfect for this type of use, and it's very inexpensive per user.

Double that raise you were expecting, you just saved the company time AND money.

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