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What's the difference between ShapeStyles and ShapeStyles Lite?

ShapeStyles can create, edit and apply styles; ShapeStyles Lite can only apply styles.

You can purchase ShapeStyles a single copy at a time or in quantity.
ShapeStyles Lite is only available in ten-packs (or more; quantity pricing on request).

A free ShapeStyles demo is available for download. When you purchase ShapeStyles, you receive "unlocking" codes that convert it to a full, unlimited version.

There's no ShapeStyles Lite demo, but to make ShapeStyles simpler to roll out to multiple users, it requires no unlocking to activate it fully.


If you need to create styles or edit styles that others have created, you'll need ShapeStyles, not ShapeStyles Lite.

If you want others to use (but not change) the styles you've created with ShapeStyles, set them up with ShapeStyles Lite, a very economical alternative.

ShapeStyles costs 99.95
ShapeStyles Lite costs US$199.95 for ten single-user licenses (ShapeStyles Lite isn't sold individually)

Volume discounts are available for both products.

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