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How do I edit the ShapeStyles configuration file (PPTools.INI)?

ShapeStyles stores its settings (along with those of the other PPTools) in a file called PPTools.INI. To change ShapeStyles's more obscure settings, you'll need to edit PPTools.INI.

How to edit PPTOOLS.INI

  • Click the Help button (it has a ? icon) on the ShapeStyles toolbar.
  • Click Edit PPTools.INI on the dialog box that appears
  • PPTools.INI opens in Notepad.
  • Locate the [ShapeStyles] section heading.
  • Edit the line you want to change or add a new line directly beneath the [ShapeStyles] line and type the new line you want to add.
  • Be sure not to add any blank lines.
  • Choose File, Save from the main menu bar to save the file, then choose File, Exit to quit Notepad
  • Click OK to close the ShapeStyles Help/About dialog box

If you don't see Edit PPTools.INI, please visit The PPTools download page, download and run the latest installer. That'll update your version of ShapeStyles automatically.

In case you need to find the PPTools folder where PPTools.INI is stored:

The PPTools folder is the folder where your PPTools add-ins are installed.

To locate the PPTools folder:

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