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How do I edit the Prep4PDF configuration file (PPTools.INI)?

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Prep4PDF INI Entries

You can set some options in the [Prep4PDF] section of PPTools.INI in your PPTools folder.

There won't be a [Prep4PDF] section there until you've run Prep4PDF at least once. It automatically creates the section and sets a few default entries for you.

See How do I edit the Prep4PDF configuration file (PPTools.INI)? to learn how to find and edit the PPTools.INI file.

; PageMode sets the way the PDF opens originally
; default is /FullScreen
; /UseNone is the normal Acrobat default - no bookmarks/thumbnails, 
;  open per user defaults
; /UseOutlines - display bookmarks
; /UseThumbs - display thumbnails

; LinkColor sets the color of line that defines link boxes
; color is [ R G B ] where each is a value between 0 and 1
; UI will allow you to spec colors more normally and will convert 
; for example, red ( RGB 255,0,0) would be 1 0 0 here
; 128,0,0 would be .5 0 0
LinkColor=[ 0 0 0 ]

; BorderStyle sets the style of the line that defines link boxes
; first number is the horizontal corner radius
; second number is the vertical corner radius
; third number is the thickness of the border
; a fourth optional element is a PS/PDF array that 
; specifies dashed lines; it's all documented in the 
; Acrobat PDFMark guide if you really, really want to play 
; Default border style in Acrobat is [ 0 0 1 ], a thin line
BorderStyle=[ 0 0 0 ]

; ActionHighlightEffect sets the way link highlights 
; act when clicked.
; The options are:
; ActionHighlightEffect=I    ; capital letter I, meaning Invert, the default 
; ActionHighlightEffect=N  ; no effect
; ActionHighlightEffect=P    ; button push effect
; ActionHighlightEffect=O    ; outline effect
; example setting:

; Author, Title etc.
; If present in PPTools.INI, these override any values in
; the PPT file's Doc Properties
; Recommended: use Doc Properties, ignore these
Author=Your Name, My Name, whatever
Title=Whatever you'd like

; What paper size will you print to?   Set to Landscape or Portrait?
; Dimensions in points

; Sometimes PPT and the driver don't quite agree on sizing
; You can add a little extra crop to the sides and top/bottom with the following entries
; Dimensions in points

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