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Download PPTools Add-ins

If you want to try out one of our PPTools add-ins for PowerPoint, this is the place. There are links below to download installers for demo versions. You can use the same installers to update your existing PPTools add-ins to the most recent version.

IMPORTANT: Please do not download and install PPTools add-ins from any other site. We do not authorize any other sites to distribute PPTools add-ins. Many of the download sites "wrap" perfectly good software in their own installers that also add malware or other unwanted software to your computer. We cannot support PPTools software that's been downloaded from any site but this one.

Before downloading, please check PPTools System Requirements to be sure that the add-in you're interested in is compatible with your version of PowerPoint.

Please also view the PPTools End User License Agreement as a plain text file or as a PDF document and our Privacy Policy.

If you've already tried the demo and are ready to purchase, please visit our Purchase page.

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Install/Uninstall Notes

To install:

See How to install PPTools and demos for more detailed installation instructions.

If your antivirus software complains when you install PPTools add-ins, this explains why that might happen.

To uninstall:

How to contact PPTools