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Organize images and media files into subfolders

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Email a presentation that includes links

FixLinks creates links that work if the PPT file and all the linked files stay together in the same folder.

It can't guarantee that all the files will stay together. That's up to you and the recipient's email program.

Simply attach the files ... it might work

After you run FixLinks, attach your PPT file and the other files in your staging folder to your email.

If the recipient's email program puts all attached files in the same folder and allows them to launch the PowerPoint file easily, you're in business.

But ...

Some email programs keep attachments in hidden folders or as part of a larger file. Some don't allow certain types of attachments, depending on the user's security settings. Or they may not even allow the user to doubleclick a file to start it.

ZIP it!

We suggest that you create a ZIP file containing the PPT and all the other files in the staging area and send that.

In the body of the email, instruct the recipient to unzip the files into a single folder and run the PPT from there.

If they have Windows XP, they can extract files from the ZIP file without any additional software. If they have earlier Windows versions, they may need a copy of WinZIP or a similar utility program.

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