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Merge Overview

Merge is a powerful tool that merges a PowerPoint template slide or presentation with data from your Excel or Text files to produce customized individual slides or complete presentations -- quickly and automatically.

Think of it as Mailmerge for PowerPoint. You choose a "template" presentation, choose a data file to merge into it and Merge does the rest, automatically creating a slide -- or a complete presentation -- customized with the data from each record in your data file.

The Merge Toolbar

Merge Slides

Icon Name From PPT menu bar
merge slides toolbar button Merge Slides PPTools, Merge, Merge Slides

Merges a data file with a single-slide presentation; creates a new slide from each record in the data file.

Merge Presentations

Icon Name From PPT menu bar
merge presentations toolbar button Merge Presentations PPTools, Merge, Merge Presentations

Merges a data file with a mult-slide presentation; creates a new customized/merged presentation from each record in the data file.


Icon Name From PPT menu bar
help toolbar button Help PPTools, Merge, Help

The Help button on the Merge toolbar or the PPTools, Merge, Help option on the main PowerPoint menu bar brings up a dialog box with a quick summary help listing for Merge.

screenshot of the PPTools help dialog box

The actual dialog box text will be slightly different for each of the PPTools, but it will include these buttons:

the PPTools About/Registration screen

The PPTools About/Registration screen

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