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What are PPT2HTML users saying? had good things to say about PPT2HTML in this review by Geetesh Bajaj

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PPT2HTML is an inexpensive fix to a large problem. It comes highly recommended by two NetLearning power users.

Indezine, the online PowerPoint magazine offers a full review of PPT2HTML and quotes several PPT2HTML users:

"We had a problem delivering 92 presentations totalling 3,500 + slides through the Internet. The solutions offered by Office 97 and Office 2000 are unworkable for a wide audience, plus we needed to have the notes attached to the slides. RnR's PPT2HTML was exactly what we needed. I don't know much about HTML, but after playing around with the demo and with some guidance from the developer after I purchased the full version, I surprised our VP of Product Development by delivering a new product in three days. If you're an HTML kind of person, PPT2HTML will blow you away."

Sonia Coleman, a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP extensively tested PPT2HTML during its development cycle. This is what she has to say:

"I do believe that it is far superior to the 'Save As HTML' feature available in PowerPoint. The only need, however, is that the user really must have some basic understanding of HTML and the ability to create and manipulate their template. I found FrontPage to be everything I needed to do this, and then I customized my templates further manually. Most users may not even need that final manipulation."

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