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PPT2HTML Batch - PPT2HTML Power in Quantity

PPT2HTML is a great way to convert presentations from PowerPoint to HTML, but if you need to convert lots of presentations to HTML, automatically and unattended, you need PPT2HTMLBatch.

PPT2HTMLBatch is a standalone program that "watches" a folder on your network or local hard drive. When PowerPoint files appear in the folder, PPT2HTMLBatch invokes PowerPoint and turns control over to a special batch version of our PPT2HTML add-in, which converts all of the PPT files in the folder to HTML.

It only takes a few minutes to set up, then you or any user with access to the watched folder can simply drop PowerPoint files there and let PPT2HTMLBatch make HTML automatically.

There's more detailed information at PPT2HTML Batch - What is it, how does it work? and the following pages.

To download a demo version, visit the PPTools Download Page

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