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Play a soundtrack across multiple slides (uses frames)

Normally when you advance from one html slide to the next, any sound that's playing stops. That makes it impossible to play a single soundtrack throughout a presentation.

There's a little trick you can play with frames, though. If one of the frames in the frameset plays a sound but your presentation html slides are in a different frame, the slides can change but the sound will keep on playing.

Here are a few examples that will get you started:

Save this as STARTUP.HTM
Link to STARTUP.HTM to begin the presentation.

<title>Title goes here</title>

<!-- The left frame is set to 20 pixels to make it visible for test purposes
     Make it smaller when done testing 
     It seems to work ok even when set to zero -->

<frameset cols="20,*" frameborder="0" frameborder="no" border="0"framespacing="0"  >
	<frame src="left.htm">
	<frame src="firstslide.htm">

<!-- frames-capable browsers will ignore this content 
     use it to supply a message or other instructions for browsers that can't handle frames
     a link to the starting html page might be a reasonable choice

Your browser doesn't seem to support frames.<br>
<a href="firstslide.htm">View a frameless version of our presentation here"</a>



Save this as LEFT.HTM
LEFT.HTM is loaded by STARTUP.HTM into a tiny area on the left side of the frameset. When it loads, it plays a file called TheSoundtrack.wav
Change "TheSoundtrack.wav" to match the name of your soundtrack file.

<body bgcolor=#AAAAAA marginwidth="0" scrolling="no">
<BGSOUND SRC="TheSoundtrack.wav" LOOP=0>

STARTUP.HTM loads a file called firstslide.htm into the right, main frame in the frameset. Edit STARTUP.HTM to change "firstslide.htm" to the name of the first slide in the set of html slides you've produced using PPT2HTML.

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