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Entire presentation as one single HTML file

If you add


to the [PPT2HTML] section of PPTools.INI, PPT2HTML will concatenate all of your slides into a single HTML file.

Here's how it works:

For example:

You have a presentation you'll output as Slidesxx.htm

PPT2HTML generates Slides01.htm, which looks something like:

   [meta tags and other stuff here]
   [the body portion of your html template]

PPT2HTML removes everything up to and including the starting <body> tag and it removes everything following the ending </body> tag, leaving just the body portion of the HTML.

It creates a file called Slides.htm (the Base Name you chose for your presentation output) and adds the body portion of Slides01.htm to it.

For each subsequent slide, it does the same, tacking the body portion of the slide's HTML onto Slides.htm

You end up with a single HTML file that includes all the slides in your presentation.

This relies on your template being structured in standard HTML style, or at least on the opening and closing body tags being in the usual places. If they're not, you may get odd results.

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