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Use ASP (or PHP or XML or ....) files as templates

Your template files, though named with an htm extension, can contain anything you like, whether it's html code or something entirely different. PPT2HTML doesn't really know or care, it just looks for placeholders and replaces them with the appropriate information.

In short, if you want to use php or vbs code for your template, go for it. Just give the file an htm extension so PPT2HTML can find it when it lists available templates for you to choose from in the Preferences dialog box.

Admittedly, it can be a bit of a nuisance if the wrong program launches when you doubleclick the template to edit it. In that case, you can "educate" PPT2HTML to accept other extensions as valid templates as well.

Here's how to add asp and php, for example.

Edit your PPTools.INI file (in your PPTools folder). Use Notepad or the Edit PPTools.INI button on the Programming toolbar of our free Starter Set addin.

Locate the [PPT2HTML] section

Add the following lines directly below it. Don't add any new blank lines!


The next time you bring up the preferences dialog, it should "see" php files as well as htm, asp. To add further extensions, increment TemplateExtensionCount and add

TemplateExtension4= whatever 

and so on.

When you use this TemplateExtension trick, you must supply all extensions that you want PPT2HTML to accept as template files. If you leave out htm, for example, it will no longer allow you to choose htm files as the template.

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