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Force links to open in a new window

Normally, when you click a link to another web page, the browser opens the link in the current window.

PPT2HTML can create links that open in a new window instead.

In the [PPT2HTML] section of the PPTools.INI file, add one or both of the following lines:


The first line forces each http: link to open in a new window. PPT2HTML creates a name for the window as needed (users never see this name).

The second line forces PPT2HTML to use one additional window (named whatever you type in here) for all http: links.

If you leave out the second line, PPT2HTML has the browser open a new randomly named window for each link. While the user never sees the name of the window, we still recommend that you always use both lines. Otherwise it's possible to create LOTS of browser windows, which may confuse inexperienced users and annoy experienced ones.

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