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Customizing the List of Links

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Make Table of Contents-style links to the other slides in your presentation

IMPORTANT: The :Nav.LinksToAll.TOC.HTML: placeholder no longer works. It's been replaced with the much more powerful :Nav.LinksToAll.CUSTOM: placeholder.

See Customizing the List of Links to learn how to use this new feature.

The :Nav.LinksToAll.TOC.HTML: placeholder lets you make Table Of Contents link lists, something like the ones that PowerPoint 2000 and up create by default.

Nav.LinksToAll.TOC.HTML produces the equivalent of Nav.LinksToAll, except that instead of slide numbers, it produces:

Each item on the list is separated by <br> + CRLF by default.

You can specify alternate text for the <br> and for "Slide" in PPTools.INI file:

TOC_SlideText=Untitled Slide Number

The first line tells PPT2HTML to put a <br> then an <hr> (underline) then another <br> after every slide's title

The second line tells it to use "Untitled Slide Number" instead of "Slide" when creating links to slides that have no title.

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