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How to set up PPT2HTML Batch

Setting up PPT2HTMLBatch is quite simple.

First, create a folder (or folders) for PPT2HTMLBatch to "watch". This is where you'll drop your PowerPoint files for conversion into HTML.

Your watched folder can be on a local drive or on a network drive that you have full access to. Other users who have access to this same network Inbox folder can also drop PowerPoint files into it for conversion to HTML.

For example, let's suppose you create a folder called \Inbox on a network drive mapped to P:


The first time you start it, it prompts you to choose a folder.
Direct it to watch P:\Inbox
Choose Start Paused

PPT2HTMLBatch automatically creates an HTML template file called DEFAULT.HTM if you haven't already put a file by that name in the watched folder. You can choose a different template file if you like. To set this and other options, choose File, Configure to set configuration options.

That's about all there is to it. Click Begin, drop PPT files into your watched folder and PPT2HTMLBatch automatically converts them to HTML using your chosen template.

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