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Can PPT2HTMLBatch "watch" multiple folders?

With a little extra work you can easily have PPT2HTMLBatch watch multiple folders.

In Command Line or One-Pass mode, you can invoke it repeatedly on several watched folders in sequence, so it can indeed watch multiple folders.

PPT2HTMLBatch starts in Command Line or One-Pass mode if you start it from a command line with the path to a folder as a parameter. For example:

PPT2HTMLBatch C:\Incoming\PowerPoint\

causes PPT2HTML to:

It makes one pass through the specified folder and converts all the files it finds there.

This means that even a simple batch file could monitor several folders, for example:

rem Contents of EXAMPLE.BAT
@echo off
PPT2HTMLBatch c:\incoming\client1
PPT2HTMLBatch c:\incoming\client2
PPT2HTMLBatch c:\incoming\client3
PPT2HTMLBatch c:\incoming\client4
goto START

Or to save a few clock cycles, you could replace each line with:

if exist c:\incoming\client1\*.ppt PPT2HTMLBatch c:\incoming\client1

There are even trickier things you can do with BAT files, or a custom-written program could let you select folders to watch, then invoke PPT2HTMLBatch for you. We're available to write such programs on request.

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