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Plain Text with Exported Shapes

This template demonstrates how to export each picture or chart in a presentation as an individual image. We've included this in what otherwise is a normal plain text template. You can use this feature with any template you like, though.


This is an experimental feature and may not work in all cases. It has several known limitations.

It exports only certain shape types

Unexpected background colors

Some shapes, MSGraph charts, for example, will have a black background by default. This is how PowerPoint exports shapes, for reasons we can't explain. You can override this by adding the following entries directly under the [PPT2HTML] section of PPTools.ini:


This sets white (RGB 255, 255, 255) as the background color that'll appear behind exported shapes. You may use any other RGB values you like instead, of course.

Oddly cropped images in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint 2007 has several serious bugs in its routines that export slides and shapes to images. We expect some of these to be fixed in Service Pack 2 when it appears. Other than that, these bad exports are entirely outside our control. If at all possible, try the same export in PowerPoint 2003 or an earlier version.

The template

First, the usual HTML header:


This begins the body portion of the template and then creates a named destination that Previous and Next links can link to:

<a name=":Nav.ThisPage:">

:Slide.Shapes.HTML: causes PPT2HTML to export each picture, chart, etc. on a slide to a separate image file.
The name of the image file is the same as the name of the shape being exported.
PPT2HTML includes the name of each exported image in a normal <img src="xxx"> tag followed by a <br> (break) tag.

If the original picture, chart, etc. has Alternative Text assigned by PowerPoint or the PPT2HTML Accessibility Assistant, PPT2HTML includes it as ALT text for the image.


The rest of the template is identical to the other text extraction example earlier:

<td><center><a href="#:Nav.NextOrNothing:">Next</a><center></td>
<td><center><a href="#:Nav.PreviousOrNothing:">Previous</a><center></td>

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