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You may want to include the original PPT file on your site along with the HTML version of it. Or a PDF of the PPT. Or all three

Good for you! That's the user-friendly way to do it.

And here's the PPT2HTML way to do it:

<a href=":File.Name:Ext">Description of link</a>

This produces a link to the PowerPoint file you're converting, complete with .PPT extension.

:File.Name: produces just the name of the PPT file with no extension, so if you create a PDF, for example, and give it the same name as the PPT original, you can do:

<a href=":File.Name:.PDF">Description of link</a>

This produces a link to the PDF made from the original PPT file (assuming that you give the PDF and the PPT the same name, just different extensions).

By the way, if you need to make PDFs from PowerPoint, check out our Prep4PDF add-in for PowerPoint

You'll need to upload the PPT, PDF or other files to your site along with the HTML and other files PPT2HTML produces, and put it in the same folder. If you prefer to put the PPT/PDF files in a different folder on your site, do something like:

<a href="mysite\ppt-files\:File.Name:Ext">Description of link</a>

This produces a link with the full path to the PPT or other file on your site.

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