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The BASIC template with Buttons

If the presentations you're converting don't already include navigation buttons or links, you'll need to add them so that visitors to your site can move from slide to slide. If you use a template that includes buttons or links, PPT2HTML will do all the work for you.

The Basic_With_Buttons template adds navigation buttons to the Basic template.

It starts with the usual head/body tags:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">

The Nav.Map line produces a clickable "map" from each of the action buttons and hyperlinks in the PPT file. Delete or comment it out if you want to to use just your own buttons, but leave the following line there.

<center><img src=":Slide.Image:" width=:Slide.Image.width: BORDER="NO"></center><br>

Here's where we add the navigation buttons. You can substitute your own code or your own navigation button images here, of course:

	<td><a href=":Nav.PreviousOrNothing:"><img src="previous.gif" border="NO"></td>
	<td><a href=":Prefs.Homepage:"><img src="home.gif" border="NO"></td>
	<td><a href=":Nav.NextOrNothing:"><img src="next.gif" border="NO"></td>

If you prefer text links instead of button images, you could do something like this instead:

	<td><a href=":Nav.PreviousOrNothing:">Previous slide</td>
	<td><a href=":Prefs.Homepage:">Home</td>
	<td><a href=":Nav.NextOrNothing:">Next slide</td>

Finally, a set of links to all slides in the presentation and the closing html/body tags:


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