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Fullscreen notes

Getting a presentation to run in full-screen mode within a browser, any browser, can be a real exercise in frustration.

Here's one approach we've found for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) that works around most of its various idiosyncracies (that's how we mis-spell "bugs" here):

First, use this javascript link in the page that you want to launch the presentation from:

<a href="javascript:void(0);" 
onClick="'path/to/startup.htm', '', 
'fullscreen=yes, scrollbars=no, resize=no, toolbar=no, 
status=no, location=no, menubar=no');">
Click here to start your file</a>

Edit 'path/to/startup.htm' so that the path is the same as the path to your presentation's HTML files.

When someone clicks this link, it launches a new browser window and opens a file called "startup.htm" (which you should place in the same folder as your actual presentation files). The new browser window starts in fullscreen mode with the various MSIE status bars, toolbars etc. disabled.

In a perfect world, you'd only need to substitute the name of your first slide's html file for "startup.htm" and it'd work.

Too bad. PerfectWorld has closed, we're left with this one. MS Internet Explorer cooperates 98% of the way but insists on putting a scrollbar at the right of the screen.

That won't do.

So instead you start the show by launching "startup.htm" which contains this:

<title>Whatever title you like - since we're starting in fullscreen view, 
the title bar won't show, so it doesn't really matter.</title>

Startup.htm is really a frameset document with only one frame defined
MSIE respects our wishes re scrollbars in frames, 
so that's how we beat it at its own game
(In two places if you want to add the optional link to it for frameless browsers)

<frameset cols="*" frameborder="0" 
frameborder="no" border="0" 
	<frame src="slide.htm">

<!-- frames-capable browsers will ignore this content 
     use it to supply a message or other instructions 
     for browsers that can't handle frames
     Here we've given a link to the starting html page
Your browser doesn't seem to support frames.<br>
<a href="slide.htm">View a frameless version 
of our presentation here"</a>



What's going ON here??

What's the point of this lunatic dance? Something like this:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) refuses to make its scrollbar disappear, even if we invoke it in fullscreen mode and explicitly TELL it not to show scrollbars.

However, it won't show scrollbars in frames if we ask nicely, so ....

We use a javascript link to launch a frameset document (startup.htm) in fullscreen mode.
The frameset document (startup.htm) sets up a single frame with no borders or other "trimmings" and loads our actual html file into it. With no scrollbar.


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