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Generating thumbnail images

PPT2HTML can generate thumbnail or alternate versions of the images it exports of each slide.

To enable thumbnails, add this to your PPTools.INI file, directly under the line that reads [PPT2HTML]

; Enable thumbnail generation
; Specify width in pixels of thumbnail images; default is 100
; Name of thumbnail image will be same as slide image with prefix added
; Specify the prefix here; default is TN_, use NONE for no prefix:

Now when you create HTML, PPT2HTML will create both a normal image and a thumbnail image. The thumbnail image will have the same name as the main image but with the prefix that you specify. The thumbnail image's width will be as specified; the height will be proportional, based on the slide size, as with the regular image.

While we call these "thumbnail images", they can actually be larger than the normal slide image if that suits your purposes. Simply specify a larger image width.

Note, however, that PowerPoint 2003 won't export images of over 3072 pixels, and specifying overly large images in earlier versions of PowerPoint can cause your system to slow or crash. Limit it to 3000 pixels and you should be fine.

If you supply no ThumbNailPrefix, PPT2HTML defaults to TN_.
If you deliberately want to overwrite the regular slide image with the thumbnail version, use

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