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Generating thumbnail images

Give my image files lowercase extensions (.jpg, not .JPG)

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I only want image files; I don't need any HTML

Some PPT2HTML and PPT2HTMLBatch users need to generate images of their slides but don't need any HTML files, so we added the ability to have PPT2HTML (or PPT2HTMLBatch) skip making HTML files.

Edit the PPTools.INI file in Notepad and look for the section that starts with [PPT2HTML]

Add a new line to this section like so:


Actually, it can be TRUE, FALSE, YouBetchaBubba or anything else. So long as it's not blank, PPT2HTML considers it to be A Sign that it's not supposed to make HTML files.

You don't have to restart PowerPoint in order for this to take effect.

Then next time you use PPT2HTML, it will create both HTML and image files of each slide (if called for in the template) but will delete HTML files as soon as they're created.

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