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Embedding Javascript into links

To get javascript into a link, you can do the following:

Add a mouseclick action setting to a shape. It doesn't really matter what type of action setting you use ... NEXT SLIDE for example. It won't actually convert as that action.

Add a tag to the shape. The tag's name should be JAVASCRIPT. Its value should be the script that you want to run. Usually it'll be a call to a javascript function you've embedded in the HEAD of the HTML template you'll use when converting the PPT to HTML.

See Javascript_Example.PPT for a working example

You'll need a way to tag shapes in order to make this work.

Our StarterSet Plus upgrade to the free PPTools StarterSet costs less than US$20 and includes a handy tool that lets you tag shapes, edit links and more. More information about the PPTools StarterSet is here.

You can also do it yourself with a little VBA. You'll find a few useful VBA examples here: Working with Tags (and a bit about Functions)

Please note: we have NO expertise whatever at javascript and cannot offer support for javascript code.

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