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Using PPT2HTML with NetLearning


If you're looking for ways to convert your PowerPoint presentations for use on NetLearning, PPT2HTML can help.

Using PPT2HTML with NetLearning is a two-step process:

NetLearning has an excellent guide to installing, setting up and using PPT2HTML in conjunction with their Learning Administrator software. It doesn't seem to be available from their site at the moment, so we're hosting it here:

Using PPT2HTML with the Learning Administrator (approx 400kb Acrobat PDF)

PPT2HTML converts PowerPoint presentations to very "NetLearning-friendly" HTML.

Once the conversion is done, you'll need to use the NetLearning software to set course options and upload the course to the Learning Administrator server. PPT2HTML doesn't upload the course or set course options. The Using PPT2HTML with the Learning Administrator (approx 400kb Acrobat PDF) PDF explains how to do this in detail.

Pay special attention to the suggestions for naming your HTML files. In order for certain options to work, particularly Force user to review course, you must:

If you need help with PPT2HTML, please use the "Contact Us" link on every page of this site to get in touch with us. NetLearning's tech support team can assist you with the Learning Administrator and other NetLearning-specific questions.

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