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Using Prep4PDF with GhostScript and other "Distiller-like" programs

Setup: Acrobat 5

All about Prep4PDF index page


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Setup: Acrobat 6

We've had good results with this setup, even with A4 page sizes on US/English Acrobat 5/Windows/PowerPoint using Acrobat 6 to create our PDFs.

First, set up the Adobe PDF Printer Driver.

Next, set up Prep4PDF

Now click AutoPDF on the Prep4PDF toobar or choose PPTools, RnR Prep4PDF, AutoPDF from the main menu. This will create a PDF that includes your entire PowerPoint slide.

The PDF may include some additional unwanted white space at the sides or at top/bottom. If so, open the PDF in Acrobat and choose Document, Pages, Crop (or press Shift+Ctrl+T) and adjust the cropping to remove any remaining white space.

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