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Using Prep4PDF with GhostScript and other "Distiller-like" programs

If the software you use to convert PostScript to PDF doesn't include a printer driver that does the conversion automatically, like Adobe PDF/Distiller/PDF Creator do, or if you prefer to separate the printing to PS from the conversion to PDF portions of the process ... no problem. Prep4PDF is ready to work with you.

Normally, Prep4PDF prepares your PPT by adding special EPS graphics with embedded PDFMark code, then prints to the chosen printer driver, then removes the EPS graphics automatically, all with one click of the AutoPDF (Prep and Print to PDF) button.

If you don't have software that prints directly to PDF, you can do the PDF conversion in a step-by-step fashion.

  1. Click Prep for PDF to have Prep4PDF do the preparation steps needed to get your PPT presentation ready for printing.
  2. Choose File, Print and select an appropriate PostScript printer driver. Choose "To File" in PowerPoint's print dialog if necessary. Process the resulting file in GhostScript, Distiller or other software to convert it to PDF.
  3. Click Remove changes made by Prep4PDF to remove any EPS graphics that Prep4PDF added to your presentation.


Clicking Prep for PDF or Remove changes made by Prep4PDF more than once won't hurt anything.
Prep4PDF's EPS files mustn't be hidden when you print to PDF or they won't have any effect. If in doubt, click Remove changes made by Prep4PDF then :tooname3: to remove and replace them.

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