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Try it! Get the free Protect demo

Follow these instructions whether you want to purchase and use Protect right away or just try the free Protect demo. In fact, we strongly recommend that you try out the demo first, then purchase Protect if you like it.

The demo you download and install now becomes a full, unlimited version once you purchase Protect. When you purchase Protect, you'll receive an email with a registration number and other information that will convert the demo into a registered, unlimited copy of Protect. You won't have to download or install anything else.

Here's all you need to do:

Get PowerPoint ready

Before you start, make sure your PowerPoint security settings don't prevent installation. You'll need to temporarily set them as described below. We'll show you how to reset them to a safe level once installation is complete.

Ready? Here we go:

Download and install Protect

Try Protect out

Reset PowerPoint security

Congratulations! Protect is now installed.

Please take a few minutes to look over the rest of this site to learn more about Protect

If you're short of time, Basic Protect setup and use and The PPTools Master Toolbar will be enough to get you started.

You can always come back here for more info later - just click the Help icon on the Protect toolbar or choose PPTools, Protect, Help from the main PowerPoint menu bar.

Oh, and of course if you're so moved, click I love it! How can I buy Protect?

And thanks for using PPTools

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