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For those of you who've been waiting:
PPTools Merge is now available in a 64- and 32-bit compatible version.
Thank you for your patience.

By the way, there's no charge for the updated version.


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What's Share-It?

Share-It is the service that processes our online software orders.

Our purchase/registration links take you directly to Share-It's secure web server where you can safely enter your credit card and other information. If you prefer, you can handle transactions by email or fax and can opt to pay by check or bank transfer rather than by credit card, all from the Share-It site.

If you'd like to learn more about Share-It, please visit

Purchases made at Share-It will appear on your credit card statement as

ShareIt!, Koeln

If you're not sure why a charge from Share-It appears on your credit card statement, please understand that we are not Share-It. Share-It represents thousands of other software developers, so the charge most likely has nothing to do with PPTools. Share-It will help you find out what the charge is for. Please visit the Share-It Info Page.

To contact Share-It in the USA

1 800-903-4152 (toll free)
1 724-850-8186 (voice)
1 724-850-8187 (fax)

ShareIt! Inc.
PO Box 844
Greensburg, PA 15601

To contact Share-It in Europe
+49 221 31088-20 (voice)
+49 221 31088-29 (fax)

ShareIt! * element 5 AG
Vogelsanger Str. 78
50823 Cologne

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