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Who is PPTools? What's an RnR?

What's PPTools?

PPTools can mean PowerPoint Tools or PowerPoint PowerTools or PowerPoint Production Tools. Or whatever makes the most sense to you after you've tried them.

What's an RnR?

The PPTools add-ins are the creative offspring of Steve Rindsberg and Brian Reilly, collectively known as RnR.

RnR stands for Rindsberg 'n Reilly. or maybe it's Reilly 'n Rindsberg.

Steve is a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP and a long-time PowerPoint user.

He's published books and articles about PowerPoint and is a frequent contributor to the Microsoft-sponsored PowerPoint newsgroups and forums.

He loves PowerPoint for its ease of use and occasionally curses it for its limitations. Then writes add-ins to remove them.

All of the above applied to Brian until his untimely death in 2008. All of us who knew him miss him.

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