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For those of you who've been waiting:
PPTools Merge is now available in a 64- and 32-bit compatible version.
Thank you for your patience.

By the way, there's no charge for the updated version.


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After uninstalling, the PPTools menu and toolbars are still there

How to uninstall PPTools add-ins

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How to uninstall a particular PPTool

It's usually simplest to de-activate a PPTool rather than uninstalling it.

When you deactivate a PPTool, it's immediately unloaded and doesn't load again until you re-activate it. For all practical purposes, a deactivated PPTool is uninstalled.

To de-activate a PPTool, use the Preferences dialog on the Master toolbar (or choose PPTools, MasterBar, Prefs from the main menu bar).

Click the name of the toolbar you want to de-activate, then remove the checkmark next to Active. That immediately unloads the toolbar and prevents it from loading again in the future.

Unload other PPTools if you wish. Click OK to close the dialog box when you're done.

To re-activate the PPTool, simply repeat the same process but put a checkmark next to Active.

If you really want to uninstall a tool totally, deactivate it first, then quit PowerPoint and delete the tool's PPA file from your PPTools folder.

The file will have the same name as the toolbar itself plus a .PPA extension. For example, RnR_PPT2HTML.PPA is the PPA file for PPT2HTML.

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