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For those of you who've been waiting:
PPTools Merge is now available in a 64- and 32-bit compatible version.
Thank you for your patience.

By the way, there's no charge for the updated version.


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Satisfaction Guarantee, Refunds, etc.

If one of our PPTools fails to perform as advertised, we will make every reasonable attempt to resolve the problem for you quickly.

Please use the "Contact us" link on your left, provide all of the information requested, and describe the problem as completely as you can.

If you report the problem to us within 60 days after purchase and we cannot resolve the problem to your satisfaction within the following 60 days, we will refund the full purchase price of the PPTool in question.

This assumes that we receive your timely cooperation in resolving the problem. We may need sample files and further information from you in order to replicate the problem on our own computers. With your help, we can usually resolve most problems within weeks, if not days.

Please see Helping us troubleshoot PPTools - making a Diagnostics Report to learn how to provide the needed information.

If we can't solve the problem, or if for any other reason we both agree that a refund is in order, one of two things will happen next:

We reserve the right to issue a refund immediately if the problem is one we know will not be corrected within 60 days or in other cases where we feel it's appropriate. We also reserve the right to refuse a refund if:

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